What Will It BEE???? Find out LIVE Tonight!

9:30pm Eastern Time at Ustream.tv/channel/aboverubies


What Will It BEE

Find out what it will BEE!!! :)

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  1. Bec Kilgore says:

    I popped into the live chat and saw you wonderful news! Couldn’t stay but wanted to say congratulations!

  2. Sharon H says:

    Megan congratulations on whatever it will BEE! Unfortunately I can’t watch it on my iPad. Rats! Must remember to watch it at home tonight on PC….. :-(

  3. Linda says:

    Whatever it will “Bee”, as long as he/she is happy, healthy and strong. Congratulations!

  4. Faye says:

    Well for those of us who couldn’t watch the video what is it going to Bee??

  5. MommyMe says:

    What an exciting and intimate time for you! Thank you for sharing it with us! Whatever the outcome, my prayers are for a healthy baby. I know that with you for a mother, he/she is destined for a happy life.

  6. Sandy Christman says:

    I wasn’t able to watch, so what is it boy or girl?

  7. Joene says:

    I wasn’t able to watch either. Please let us know.

  8. April says:

    She’s so excited that she didn’t post here! Ha! She is having a boy.

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