Ustream from Today and Prizes to Win!

Here is the live feed from today

For Your Chance to Win ONE of the following Prizes, Please Comment Below:

  • Cricut Cartridge of Your Choice that is available at
  • Above Rubies Studio Lanyard
  • Gypsy Skin of Your Choice
  • Cricut A to Z DVD
  • A Pearl Pen and Glass Effect Pen

Don’t forget to comment on Tammy’s Blog for your chance to win one of the Scrap Caddy’s from ScrapCessories and another chance to win one of the above prizes. πŸ™‚

Thank you so much for joining us and for all your love and support!Β  Can’t wait to do another UStream sometime in March and then we will do one the Night of the Gypsy A to Z Release (To sign up for updates on Gypsy A to Z – please visit:Β

If you are interested in being featured in the Gypsy A to Z DVD Guest Designers GalleryΒ  – please use this link to fill out the form for your work to be FEATURED!!!


  1. How fun! I’d love to win. Video sounds neat!

  2. Hello and good morning. I have your 1st DVD and LOVE IT!! Could always use a new cartridge! Pick me…please!! Thanks, Cindy at

  3. WooHooo! More gifts! Just love you Megan and so glad to meet Tammie! Looking forward to Gypsy A-Z!
    jana at simplymybusiness dot com

  4. I just love you guys!

  5. You guys are a blast!!

  6. I caught the tail end of your live stream. Bad timing with the CBS Cricut mention today, but I did catch a bit.

  7. You both are two busy, busy ladies!! Can’t wait for your Gypsy DVD to debut. I never thought I’d say, “I can’t wait for tax day!” LOL. Now, go get some rest.

  8. Thank you Megan and Tammy that was fun…..I know it’s alot of hard work getting this together and I just wanted to let you know I appreciate it… and I can’t wait for the gypsy dvd…….and I’m so glad you did it too….

  9. Thank you guys! I’m really looking forward to the Gypsy A to Z DVD.

  10. Avril Tanner says:

    Thank you so much for all your wonderful projects and inspiration! I had a lot of fun watching the video feed earlier! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win the freebies! Have fun and I am looking forward to the new DVD! Avril Tanner (

  11. Loved the stream. Thanks for sharing
    Hope you get a restful weekend.

  12. That was so much fun. Thank you for sharing your talents with us.

  13. So very cute the two of you.

  14. The two of you rock. Love everything you deo and share with all of us. Thanks again

  15. WooHoo!!! Woul dlove to win cricut a to z. I got my cricut for xmas and still haven’t figured out how to make it cut LOL. Love your blog. Thanks for the chance to win.

  16. nice job….looking forward to the gypsy a/z when it comes out, i have the cricut a/z

  17. I love you guys! You just crack me up! So glad that you finished filming! So exciting! Im looking forward to seeing the dvd when it comes out!!

  18. Thanks for the chance to win. This will be about the only way I am getting any of the new carts. I just got accepted into a very expensive college!!!

  19. Terry Perry says:

    You guys were a blast, had a lot of fun even if I was late to the pary! Thanks

  20. You are the best! Thanks for all you do!

  21. You are the best! Thanks for offering so many prizes!

  22. Donna Cloud says:

    Great work on the U-Stream. Will look forward to your new DVD, I have the first A_Z, first edition. Thanks gor a change at the goodies, hope I win one of them.

    Donna C.

  23. Had a great time this morning and thanks for answering my question about the Viva Decor products!
    I will be sending an email soon!!

  24. Dang,missed it live- will watch it tonight (don’t think I can get away with watching it at work).
    Sounds like you have both had a fun, but busy week. Does the new DVD cover Design Studio as well as the Gypsy?

  25. I am looking forward to the Gypsy dvd even though I have not bought one yet> I want to see all the fun things it can do.

  26. Just watched the recording and you and Tammy are troopers for getting up so early after a late nite. You both look like you are having so much fun. Thanks Megan for turning me onto Tammy’s Bolg. I love it. Can’t wait for what comes next. Now go get some sleep.

  27. Really looking forward to the new Gypsy A-Z DVD…thanks for all your hard work!!!


  28. Darn! I missed you live! I’m still saving up for my gypsy so I’m taking this chance to learn all about them! I’ll be ready to go!

  29. This was my first LIVE Ustream. What fun you girls are. Thanks for a chance to win.

  30. Ohhhhhh this morning was great! Like going out to breakfast with friends. Thanks Megan and Tammy!

  31. Sherri Henderson says:

    I love your first DVD. I am eagerly anticipating the release of this one.

    Thanks for all of the hard work.

    Hope you had fun making this DVD.

  32. Brandi Adams says:

    Love when you guys do a ustream!!! Thanks so much for sharing!! Thanks for the chance to win too!!!


  33. Love your video, glad you continue to make videos. Look forward to seeing it, sorry I missed the stream this am.

  34. I love all you stuff. HUGS

  35. I am looking very forward to the Gypsy Dvd. I just ordered your Cricut Dvd and can hardly wait for it to arrive. I really do not know how to use my cricut or my gypsy to there fullest. So glad that I have found your website.

  36. Your awesome! Thanks so much for these amazing prizes!!! You are one of my scrapping idols!!! LOL

  37. Your great!!! thks for the prizes.

  38. Oh I soooo missed this, I’m at work and was blocked by our company…. will keep coming back though. Thanks.

  39. You girls are SOOO cute together!!! Can’t wait to get the Gypsy A-Z DVD. I KNOW it will be great!!! Safe travels, Tammy!!
    Blessings and Hugs to you both!!!

  40. Yeah, you guys are troopers! 2am, I would be dead! Can you say Coffee!!! Yeah congrats on the new dvd. Count me in for all the goodies. Thank you so very much for the fab giveaways!! You guys are so funny. Keep up the great work!

  41. Andrea MacDonald says:

    I can’t wait to get your DVD. It will help me with my Gypsy woes. You guys are real troopers being up so late and then up first thing to have a live chat.

  42. You ladies are the BEST! Sounds like you had a great week and I can’t wait to see the new video! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  43. hmmm… I just wrote a very long comment and it didn’t appear on the page! Sorry! Thanks for the giveaway! πŸ™‚

    thescrapbookinglife at gmail dot com

  44. Marilyn C. says:

    Hey yall!!!

    I totally forgot the early morning thing today and caught the last 5 minutes!!!! Oh well, thanks for being able to watch the recorded version.

    I LOVE my DVD!!!! I would love to be included in the drawing for a cartridge since I don’t own the gypsy! Thanks for all your hard work!!!!

    Marilyn C.

  45. Carole Toppen says:

    I am really excited for the Gypsy DVD–you and Tammy are both great teachers and presenters and I know the DVD will be great

  46. Congratulations on the new DVD – thanks for the opportunity to win such fabulous prizes!!

  47. scrapper1969 says:

    I just learned about you and your DVD from Tammy’s Blog so I guess now I’m gonna have to order it! I also checked out the MB and everyone says it’s AWESOME so it’s a MUST Have for me! I missed the live ustream but watched the repeat… looks like you gals are having fun! TFS!

  48. I have Cricut A to Z and it is extremely helpful. I am looking forward to the Gypsy A to Z DVD as well. Thanks for a chance to win something, as well. I can’t wait to get home from work so I can see the Ustream video.

  49. You gals did a wonderful job!!! I really enjoy watching your live streams!!!

  50. I can’t wait to watch the video….Thanks so much for sharing it with all of us.

  51. Debbie from Missouri says:

    Thanks for coming up with such useful products.

  52. Megan & Tammie –

    I enjoyed the up-stream. I don’t know who had more fun, The two of you or me. I would love to win a new cartridge but more than that I would love to win the Gypsy A-Z. Thanks for the chance to win. Thanks, Thanks, Thanks.

  53. Carmen Lucero says:

    Hi Megan and Tammy,

    I’m soooo late. I’m actually at the hospital with my dad who has pneumonia. I couldn’t get the computer hooked up fast enough, but I watched the recording.

    Megan I have your DVD, and use it all the time to refresh my mind.

    Tammy, I go visit you as often as I can on the holidays with the cricut blog.

    Both of you guys are amazing!!


  54. Jill Kiehna says:

    Today would be the perfect day to win something! The sun is out and everyone seems to be in such a great mood. Thanks for the opportunity.

  55. Kathleen Murphy says:

    Thanks again, Tammy & Megan. Had to watch the video after the fact, but you two looked like you were having a great time!!! Thanks so much for sharing all of your ideas and insight into all these great new products. I am a fairly new Cricuteer, so I can use all the help I can get. Would love to win a new cartridge to expand my limited library!! Thanks for the chance.

  56. Thank you for sharing everything with us. I am looking forward to the prize that you guys are about to give out….

  57. Darn! I missed your live screen this morning… somehow I had it in my head that it was tonight!
    But… I’m always grateful to you!

  58. Can’t wait to see the new Gypsy DVD – hoping to win one. Sounds like you two had a blast.

  59. I enjoyed the ustream of you and Tammy. I didn’t see or hear anything about the new Gypsy DVD other than the fact that you are making it. Did I miss part of the ustream?

  60. Thanks for the chance to win! I’ll have to watch tonight, after work!

  61. blueskygirl says:

    Thanks for the chance to win- a new cart would be fabulous!

  62. Great show this am ladies! I was glad I got a a chance to tune in. Looking forward to the Gypsy DVD! Thanks so much for the chance to win.
    Jenn in St. Louis

  63. Wow, you are a busy lady. Thanks for all you do.

  64. Sandy Evans says:

    I didn’t get to watch the chat session, but maybe I’ll win by posting… Thanks for the chance

  65. Thanks for all the info.


  66. can’t waite for the gypsy dvd. i love my cricut dvd ladybug Barb

  67. Okay GIRL…MY Gypsy is still “NEKKID” help me throw a little skin on her!

  68. You girls are having way to much fun for this time in the morning. You must be early risers.
    Linda in Stanwood

  69. Thank you so much for all the input. I am a newbee and love the A-Z DVD. Also, I enjoy all your daily how to videos, they help me so much in how i can use the Cricut machine. Please keep the how tos and the recomendations coming πŸ™‚

  70. I wish I could have been at the live ustream but it was my first day back to work since Monday because of all of the snow πŸ™ Thanks for a chance to win!

  71. You guys are the best! Looking forward to the video! I love my Gypsy!

  72. Wish I could have watched live but I had to work!! Had a good day though hope you did to. Could always use new cartridges thanks for the chance to win!!

  73. You two are awesome! Thanks for the opportunity!

    MelissaAllore on the Cricut Board

  74. You ladies are TOO SWEET! TFS.

  75. Thank you for having such a great website and a fantastic DVD. The Cricut A-Z answered SO many questions that I had. I didn’t feel so AFRAID of my cricut anymore! Also your website and videos are so useful to me. I will surely recommend the DVD and this website to others every chance I get. Thank you for such a great place to go to for help.

  76. hi i have your first dvd and its awesome i would love to win thank you so much for the chance

  77. Thanks for the give away. I think the video will help with using the gypsy more.

  78. Cathy Hartle says:

    The two of you are so cute! Love giveaways!

  79. So sorry I missed the Ustream. Going to catch it later. Giveaways are always good!!

  80. YAY!!! Sorry I missed you guys this morning my little boy turns 6 today so I have been super busy at his school!! Love your work. So glad to met Tammy. Thanks Ladies!!

  81. Nancy Hjortness says:

    I have the first DVD and it has proved to be very valuable to me—-I am canstantly looking back at it when I have questions—Thanks so much for the Live Stream—-Nancy

  82. Wow!! I can’t believe you guys were up until 2 and then up to do the Ustream. I missed it this morning but watching it now:) Thanks for the chance to win I will be following now that I found you throught Tammy’s blog:)

  83. I missed the live stream today! Thanks for the giveaway, though. I will try to watch the stream now.

  84. GREAT job!! Thanks for the chance to win….fingers crossed!!!

    Bridgette πŸ™‚

  85. What fun! Thanks.

  86. I so enjoy seeing your Ustream, Can’t wait for the release of the Gypsy dvd.

  87. Congrats on finishing the Gypsy A-Z DVD! The first A-Z one was awesome!
    I love that you do the USTREAM now as well, always great stuff here!
    Excited on all the new cartridges coming out!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  88. Hi Megan and Tammy. Horray you finished the GYPSY A to Z. Looking forward for the dvd.You guys work great together.It was alot of fun laughing out loud this morning.Thanks for the giveaways.

  89. Anne Brown says:

    Missed the live stream this morning but will watch it this evening when I get home from work. It’s so cool to see you and Tammie teaming up on this very needed DVD. I can’t wait until its release. Just got my Gypsy and I could sure use the help! Thanks for the chance at winning some goodies too! You two ROCK!!

  90. You guys are awsome thanks for the chance to win some cool prizes

  91. Wow!!! You are wonderful. Thanks so much for Cricut A to Z. My eyes have been opened to a lot of the functionality of the Cricut. I am eagerly awaiting the release of Gypsy A to Z to increase my awareness as well as my use of my new toy.

  92. Sorry wasn’t able to watch the UStream live. Thank you for all you do!

    dolphin4_17 @ Cricut mb

  93. Missed the live feed – off to watch it now with a nice cup of tea. Thanks for more chances to win something….


  94. I would love to win a new cartridge. pick me.
    I already have cricut a to z.
    Thanks Dora

  95. Love your video and what great prizes. Would love to win. Thanks for all the great info – have learned so much.

  96. you guys are too funny… I missed the you guys live but love that I can go back and watch you guys!

  97. well done ladies, just caught the recorded version.nice to meet Tammy too,

  98. I just know for sure I am going to win this time! So thank you in advance! You looked like you were
    having so much fun. Made me laugh and smile a lot!


  99. I hope I win, I need a new cartridge. Gloria C.

  100. You always have the best giveaways! Hope I can make it tonight.

  101. realy enjoyed to time with you to sweet ladies, and no it wasn’t to early. thanks for the fun time and all the work you do.

  102. Jackie Kraftchick (KraftyChick) says:

    Love this blog and LOVEd these giveaways – thanks so much for the opportunity to win one of these gifts (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the DVD)!

  103. i would love to win a prize!!!! love your blog!

  104. so glad to hear gypsy a to z will be here soon! i have so many questions. thanks for the great work you do.

  105. You guys are great!!

  106. Thanks for the chance to win some great stuff!
    It was too cool to see you both this morning! Hope Tammy enjoyed the cheesesteak & ACMoore!

  107. Fun! I missed the live post, but watching the recorded… Hope yall get some rest.

  108. OOO!! would sooo love to win,, if not thanks for the chance…

  109. Loved the live ustream. I almost missed it, because I was getting ready to going out for lunch with my fellow retired teachers.

  110. Mary Gulbrandson says:

    Sad I had to miss the live ustream but I had to work:( I’m sure you had lots of fun!!

  111. thanks for saving so we all could enjoy. watching it now.

  112. I am So Bummed!!!! I thought you were on this evening, not this am! So I missed it, I hope I didn’t miss a chance to win a prize

  113. looks like you guys had a great time doing the video too – not just the ustream? sorry i missed you guys live!

  114. ShawnfromMn says:

    Meghan – looks like fun was had by all!! I would love a chance to win one of these wonderful prizes!!!! Thanks for all you do!

  115. Sorry I missed you this morning but I have watched the u-stream video and congrats on finishing and you guys did a great job. Hope I didn’t miss the chance at the prizes. Good luck Love you guys

  116. Lesley from WI says:

    Love all the work that you guys do! Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  117. gh _ Thanks for an awesome opportunity! The ustream was great! Gail gailheincke at charter dot net

  118. You gals are the best. Thanks for all the hard work you do. Looks like you are having fun doing it.

  119. Michele Swanberg says:

    Thanks for the chance to win! You guys looked like you were having fun. Sorry I couldn’t join you live, but I had to work. Congratulations on your new DVD

  120. Missed the live show, but just as good the second time round πŸ˜‰

  121. I am so glad you had the ustream saved for sharing. the DVD sounds like a great addition for a gypsy user (still saving for one!) so I will be waiting for the big release to get it as a gift for my SIL. TFS!

  122. Marilynn Wagner says:

    I am not literate when it comes to the UStream; however, watched the utube version. Sounds like you two were very busy. Looking forward to all he new projects you are planning.

  123. Thanks for the chance to win! Great ustream!

  124. Hey Gals, that was super. Would have loved to watch the live version but was at work :(. Can’t wait for the DVD to come out. I have the other one and LOVE, LOVE it.

  125. Sandy Bayles says:

    I think these UStream video’s are so great. I just hope that I can stay connected this time. I enjoy all the hard work that is put into these and all the incouragement and help that you all give to the beginners. Keep up the great work. I have looked at some of the cards made with the new cartridges. Good luck to everyone and I have viewed the new cartridges and they are all great.

  126. I love your videos! Thanks for all the great ideas and the chance to win a cartridge. The decision will be tough if I win!

  127. I’m off to watch the u-stream recording. I had to take my daughter to visit UofM today and couldn’t watch it live. Shari (cricutrookie)

  128. wow, Thanks!!! Great giveaways as always, I enjoyed the Cricut A to Z !!! very informative!!

  129. Congratulations!!!To you & Tammy on finishing the filming of the Gypsy A-Z.You Ladies are awesome & your hard work shows it.Thanks for the great giveaways!!!

  130. Thanks so much for the chance to win! Another great giveaway. You two are so funny! Can’t wait for another UStream πŸ™‚
    Thanks for all the advice you’ve given me, I’ll keep you updated on the one I choose.

  131. Megan – you “CRACK”ed me up today!! It was so fun watching you and Tammy and even funnier watching you try not to laugh! It was a great way to start the day!! Thanks so much for doing the Ustream for us all after such a long day yesterday!!

  132. I had to work so I missed the live event. My 3 month old grandbaby is spending the night so I’ll be back to see what you all are up to!
    Sherry B

  133. I wish I could have been their!!! πŸ™

  134. Eileen Powell says:

    Didn’t see yesterday that it was a go for this morning, thanks for taping it.
    Only thing better than prizes is winning them (LOL)!

  135. Nice job ladies, thank you for a chance to win goodies!
    πŸ™‚ Natasha

  136. Tracy Daily says:

    Thanks for the giveaways; couldn’t participate in the live U Stream; can’t wait for the new Gypsy DVD

  137. Very nice opportunity to win. Thanks for thinking of us. Still can’t wait for Gypsy a-z. I need it really bad!

  138. Glad you taped the video or I would have missed it!! Thanks!!

  139. AWESOME!!! I would just love it if I could win!!!!

  140. I wish I could have been at the actual ustream. But thanks for the great giveaways!

  141. WOOT! I can’t decide what I’d want to win more!

  142. I just watched most of the live stream from this morning but about 2/3 of the way into it, I started hearing two sets of voices. It reminded me of the old party line phones back in the 50s. I know, I’m dating myself here but it was really strange. Like 2 conversations going on at the same time and it was so difficult to understand what you and Tammy were saying that I had to turn it off. It was starting to give me a headache. I tried refreshing like I do when I’m watching live streaming but that didn’t seem to help. I was so sad because I wanted to hear what else you had to say. Sorry! Maybe I’ll try it again later.

  143. I love your blog! Great video… pick me!

  144. Marian Gram says:

    I just finished watching your Live Stream and really enjoyed watching you guys.

    Thank you for the opportunity to win your CD, etc.
    Thank you for your generosity.


  145. Can’t wait to see the new DVD… Love your blog!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  146. Tried to watch the video, but it was too hard watch with the “delays” and you might want to lose the gum. So had to just listen and miss all the things you showed.

  147. I don’t have a Gypsy yet but I’d love to own the DVD to see if I could do it. Thanks for the chance to win – it would be great just to win a pencil! LOL.

  148. Watched part of the video. Will watch all of it when I have more time. You two seem to be having a great time together. Thanks for the giveaways. You two are awesome to do that!! Can’t wait for the DVD to come out. I really could use help with taking full advantage of my Gypsy Girl!! πŸ™‚

  149. Wow! Love you gals! Thanks for a chance!

  150. Wasn’t able to log on this AM but am enjoying the video this PM. Looks like you had fun together and I know we will all learn so much from both of your good efforts–now get some well deserved sleep. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  151. Mabel McPherson says:

    Loved your Ustream this morning you and Tammy did a great job. Please enter me in your drawings Thanks,

  152. I would love to win one of your prizes I purchased your a to z video and I love it thanks a bunch!

  153. Thanks Meagan & Tammy… that was fun… Love watching you guys…

  154. Please enter me in the drawings. Thanks bunches.
    Angel hugs

  155. Thanks for your information. Really anxious to watch the recorded broadcast! Thanks for sharing!

  156. Enjoyed watching the ustream video. Can’t wait for the Gypsy DVD. Looks like you and Tammy had fun making it!

  157. I would love to win. Thanks for the chance!!

  158. I’m fairly new to your site & love it! Your videos are awesome & I’m learning so much about my Cricut. Thank-you!

  159. Can’t wait for the DVD. Wasn’t able to watch the live feed so off to watch the recorded one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  160. I would love to win.. Money is tight n a new cartridge would surely help.. Don’t really have much variety..

  161. congrats on all of your blessings. You do a great job and i hope that god continues to bless you in your endevours.

  162. Dear Megan,

    Thank you for all the things you share with us. I learn a lot from your videos!

  163. Alyssa Leanne says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  164. GrannyCharlotte says:

    Thanks for sharing your creativity with all of us. Appreciate the opportunity to win. Keep the videos coming πŸ™‚

  165. I can not wait for this DVD! Thanks for doing an awesome prize giveaway! Hope I win!

  166. Great video, sorry I missed out on the live one. Got my times messed up.

  167. Love you guys, you both ROCK!!!. Thanks for the chance to win and hope you get some much needed rest.

  168. I love all your projects and especially the give sways!

  169. I couldn’t join the uStream – was at work. πŸ™ Thanks for the chance to win! Loooks like you gals had a great time.

  170. Megan, Tammy – just watched some of the video and checked out both blogs. TFS all the info and fun.

  171. Thanks for a chance to win!

  172. hi,
    i really enjoy your videos…thanks!i don’t have gypsy, i’d like to upgrade some day to an expression, but for now i’m having a blast wiyj my baby cricut.

  173. debbie susee says:

    Congrats on finishing your filming!

  174. Thanks guys! Love your STUFF!

  175. Aleda Haynes says:

    JOb well done.

  176. Sally Mumm says:

    I have your DVD for the Cricut and I use it all the time and I’ve been showing it to my monthly card exchange friends! Hope I win!

  177. Thanks for a chance to win. Pick me

  178. I enjoyed watching the video..I look forward to more to come! Thanks ladies.

  179. Good morning! Since getting the gypsy and your A to Z DVD I have found I am really using the cricut sooo much more so another cartridge is a good think πŸ™‚
    Thanks for a chance!
    Have a Nice Day!

  180. Marilyn Mae Thurber says:

    I enjoy your 1st DVD and I look forward to your new one. I would love to win a new cartridge to add to my ever growing cartridge stash.

  181. Nana Mouse says:

    Hi Meagan and Tammy. I just watched the Ustream and enjoyed it so very much. Thank you for recording it. You two make a great team. Thank you for sharing.

  182. Janice Jacobs says:

    You guys are having way to much fun. Im jealous. Keep it up. Would love to win anything.

  183. Janice Jacobs says:

    You guys are having way to much fun. Im jealous. Keep it up. Would love to win anything.

  184. Hi! I loved the ustream yesterday, i was just so sad that I kept loosing the two of you because of my connection. Can’t wait for Gypsy video! thanks for all that you do!

  185. Thank you both so much for all you do!

  186. Kay Ritchie says:

    Great joy guys. I really enjoyed watching.

  187. Thanks for sharing the u-stream!

  188. Exciting stuff. Can’t wait for that video to come out. What a team you two are. Just fantastic!!!

  189. Love it when you do u-streams! Thanks for the chance to win.

  190. Debbie Baker says:

    So sorry I missed the ustream. Hopefully there will be another time! You both are great! Ciao db:)

  191. Betsy Ferguson says:

    I cannot wait for the gypsy dvd thanks for
    doing this for all gypsy owners

  192. Sonja Bubolz says:

    I would love to win a new Cricut Cartridge! Thanks so much for giving one away!

  193. Thanks guys! Awesome as usual!

  194. Maryelllen says:

    Hi Tammy and Megan! You both are so talented,
    can’t wait for a DVD preview!

  195. Yes..I could hear you but, didn’t know how to respond…how fun is this…love to win too!!!

  196. Thanks so much for the chance to win the great prizes. Love your blogs and all of the wonderful inspirations! Keep up the good work ladies!

  197. I am so excited about this new gypsy dvd! I would really like to win it! Thanks for all your work on putting it together.

  198. Cynthia Guy says:

    How fun it would be to win

  199. Congratulations on your DVD! Thank you for the chance to win all these awesome prizes!!

  200. You folks are great! Such fun to watch and learn.
    Prizes look fantastic, would love to win one.
    Hope you pick me.

  201. So very good to SEE both of you.

  202. Thanks for the opportunity to win one of your great prizes. I am relatively new to blogging, but one thing I have noticed is how gracious the hosts are to give away prizes just for feedback. Good luck gals on your new DVD. I hope to be able to purchase a Gypsy this summer. Thanks again.

  203. Isn’t nice to have good friends! Thanks for the giveaways opportunities. I would love a new cart to sync with my Gypsy!

  204. Sonja Bubolz says:

    Your video is great! Thanks for giving one away!

  205. chriswooten57 says:

    My cricut e said to tell you she needs a new cartridge playmate…i would love a cartridge for her from craft-e-corner. thank you girls for sharing with us….


  206. I love your videos! Thanks for the great giveaways!

  207. U-stream was great!!!! You girls are just having too much fun! Thanks for the giveaway!~ I would love to win!

  208. You two are so much fun. Thanks for all the info. Oh and the giveaway. It sure would be fun to win.

  209. Your video sounds like it has soooo much info! You must have worked very hard.
    Thanks for the chance to win!!

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