I'm Going Shopping! Who's With Me!?!?

Hey Everyone

I’m just checking in and I was checking my email, and checking facebook and visiting a few favorite blogs of mine when it came to me….in my inbox….it was the push I needed!  I’m going TODAY to buy the Cricut Flower Shoppe Projects Cartridge! LOL 🙂

I got a Coupon from AC Moore and I’m going to get it right now!  Here is a copy of the coupon for you and I also wanted to share a video with you from Christina Thomas (Creations with Christina) You can view the Flower Shoppe Video right HERE! Pushed me over the edge to get my pattooty to the store 😉 😉 Thanks Christina!!!!  She really does great videos, so if you haven’t checked her out in a while, go today to do that especially if you can’t get to the store! 🙂

Hope I’m not TOOO bad of an influence 😉 😉 LOL  Please don’t give your significant others my phone number when you go shopping – I plead the 5th 😉 hahahaa!

I have sooooo many things piles up on my desk right now of videos I’m trying to complete, things I want to show and share, DVDs that are coming out and just FUN stuff cause I LOVE creating!  I am also DYING to get a group of people together for us all to crop and share together…who’s with me!!??!?!  Who’s in for a ARS Get Together Later this year????? Hmmm????? I keep saying I’m going to do it…..I just need to organize myself enough to pull it off!  Although, a wonderful woman named Joann asked me if SHE could help me pull something off, I may have to take her up on it.  But it will still take serious planning! 😉

Click on the coupons below to enlarge and print – take with you shopping and have a GREAT day!!! 🙂


  1. I love the Cricut Flower Shoppe cartridge!! It is so fun. There are so many different flowers you can make. Have fun with it Megan! Christina’s video is great. I have some photos on my blog too. Everyone needs to get this cartridge- it’s the best!


  2. Wish we had a Ac Moore here. Michaels and Hobbie Lobby don’t have coupons that you can use on cricut products. Have fun with your cartridge can’t wait to see what you inspire use with next. Hope your day is Blessed.

  3. We do not have an AC Moore but we have Hearts-n-Crafts. Great store and great people.

  4. Wow, thanks for the coupons Megan. I usually only get Michaels coupons and they never work on the Cricut stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are great coupons. I have heard that you can use AC Moore coupons at Micheals/hobby lobby, is this true?

  6. Megan, enjoy the new cart! Wish I could utilize the ACMoore coupon but there isn’t one near me…but I have Craft’s Direct with great deals so I will save until I can visit them. I would love to scrap with you, will you be in MN soon? 🙂

  7. Link is not working for Flower Shoppe Video in either Internet Explorer or FireFox. Please repost.

  8. Thanks for the coupons,Megan. The Cricut Flower Shoppe is kind of hard to find. I hope my A.C. Moore has it in stock!

  9. Barbara R. says:

    I ordered the cartridge after watching Christina’s video – however – the link isn’t working today and I really want to watch it again. She makes it look easy!

  10. LOL, LOL, Megan! I just saw your post on AC Moore. I purchased the Flower Shoppe and Sweet Tooth cartridge today. Can’t wait to dig in.

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