Easy Turtle Cookies with My Kiddies

So – We have several major events coming up this weekend that we are all really excited about – so the kids and I are making a bunch of cookies for the people helping us out.

We decided to make the world’s EASIEST YUMMIEST Turtle cookies ever!


Grab your self a bag of Square Snap Preztels – lay them out on a cookie tray.  Then open up a bag of yummy yummy Rolo’s – have the kids unwrap them all and place them on top of the square pretzels.  Throw them in the oven for 5 min at 250 degrees and then when the Rolo’s are softened, place glazed Pecans or Walnuts into the chocolate.

So awesome and the kids LOVE them!

Hope you have a great night!



  1. W O W! That looks DELICIOUS!!! Thanx for sharing that with us, Meggan! Take care!

  2. ummmm Yummi!!! Thanks for Sharing!!!

  3. Margaret Senn says:

    I love these so easy to make too.

  4. Such an easy and time saving luscious looking treat!! Good even for seniors!!!!! Thank you.

  5. Girl, I’m soooo making these!! Yummm…:)

  6. Wow! Instant LIKE! I printed out the recipe and have decided that I will add these treats to my Christmas cookie list. Thanks so much Megan!

  7. Well, this is just what I will make for a snack at thanksgiving. how easy and yummy. Thanks Megan

  8. Carolyn N. says:

    Thanks for the easy recipe…………..can’t wait to try it with my Granddaughter. Her attention span is a bit limited, so this should be great ………….and a way to keep her busy – unwrapping all those Rolos! Thanks again.

  9. Oh my gracious…I just made these and I am here to tell you they are beyond fantastic. These are amazingly scrumptous…thanks so much for such and easy and delicious recipe..this is awesome.

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