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I’m so thrilled to share with you latest video, not only is it a super cute banner than you can do hundreds of things with – it gives the Cutting Guide a Shout out! 🙂

So thank you!

Check out their video –

YouTube Preview Image


  1. I loved the perfect pearls! I never saw them used before. They looked great. I also enjoyed seeing the gypsy being used

  2. Elizabeth Williams says:

    Fantastic-thank you so much for sharing this.

  3. Jenny McMahon says:

    I did not know you had to use water after you put the perfect pearls on the paper…duh!! I learned something new just now…thanks.

  4. Yay for the shout-out!! And thank you for reminding me to check out their videos on youtube again… i havent been on there in a while 🙂

  5. Awesome! I’ve never heard/seen perfect pearls before. Wow! I guess I better return from the dark ages. Can you show us more using the perfect pearls? Thanks.

  6. I think its great that Custom Crops showed off your cutting guide on their video. I love that that used the perfect pearls. I have seen them but didnt know what could be done with them.

  7. That is a very cute banner!

  8. cute.

  9. Shirley D says:

    Cute banner. It seems like you get a very similar result using perfect pearls vs heat emboss using similar color…is that correct?

  10. yes i watched it late last night and they did mention the cutting guide and said where to get it too well done.

  11. ShawnfromMn says:

    Congrats on the shout out about the guide!!!! So nice to be appreciated!!

  12. That was such a cute baner, and pretty simple to make too… havent seent he perfect pearls before, but will be looking for them now. Kudos on the cutting guide!!!

  13. Jen McLaughlin says:

    I love seeing stuff done on the cricut. I’ve searched the web and I haven’t found much so this is really helpful to me. I didn’t even know about the gypsy until I started using your site!!!

  14. Really cute and congrats on making it on a Custom Crops video. Woot, woot!

  15. Thanks so much everyone! Custom Crops is really awesome 🙂
    I’ll have to pick up some perfect pearls for some videos – there is some AMAZING stuff you can do with them! 🙂 We’ll have fun 😉

  16. Thanks for showing this video here…I hadn’t seen Perfect Pearls in use!!

  17. I have some perfect pearls that I have never used. This was a inspiring first video I have viewed using them.
    A neat project.

  18. Yeah for you It’s nice to be recognized for hard work.

  19. Congrats on your shout out.

  20. Have never used perfect pearls. Thanks or the video.

  21. OOOOwwwww..
    I have some of this powder and
    never know what to do with it.
    Thanks for the technique!

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