The Cricut Imagine Winner with Mystery Prizes & Guests at Tonight's Live Show!

Happy Monday Everyone!  Tonight is the NIGHT!

We FINALLY announce the winner of the Cricut Imagine!  I wanted to do this event LIVE so everyone could be excited together, and it took me an extra week to get that scheduled!  😉

The Live Show will start at 9:30pm EST at the Above Rubies Studio LIVE Channel You will be able to chat and talk to me right from that screen!

If you’re a backstage subscriber, I will send you a quick email reminder 2 hours before the show begins 🙂

Special, Special, SPECIAL stuff happening tonight!

  • We are going to announce the winner of the Cricut Imagine Machine
  • We are going to announce NEW Club Ruby Design Team Members!  SO MUCH Talent its THRILLING
  • We are going to have THREE VERY SPECIAL GUESTS!  You are going to LOVE these guys!  Can’t WAIT to introduce you!
  • We will play a little triva game that you can participate in with our guests! 😉
  • Chances to win Mystery prizes LIVE – you must be watching the live show to win, so you’ll want to BE THERE!
  • plus a lot more fun stuff!

Here is the show start time in the different time zones:

  • Eastern Standard Time: Show starts at 9:30pm
  • Central Time: Show starts at 8:30pm
  • Mountain Time: Show starts at 7:30pm
  • Pacific Time: Show starts at 6:30pm

See you all tonight! Comment away and invite your friends!  We will have an EXTRA Special prize if we have 1,000 people there LIVE tonight 😉

Here’s the link again to the ARS Live Channel where the show will be starting tonight at 9:30pm EST!


  1. Yeah!!! Can’t wait…Sound like a fun time!

  2. I love to wait. Hope I will not miss it because of our time difference. This is my very first time to join and watch livestream. I am so excited.

  3. Hey Megan – any idea what the time will be in Australia????????? I just love watching your videos and really can’t wait even if I do have to wait until tomorrow morning and it is no longer “LIVE”. Hugs Kel

  4. Hi megan, what time will it be in the UK…hugs Kath…

  5. Sorry I’m going to miss this one. It’s the first night of Passover.

  6. Christeen Baker says:

    Hi Kelly the time in Sydney Australia will be 11.30am on Tuesday 19th. Hope this helps. Cheers Christeen

  7. carolyn hartle says:

    Hi Megan, I am so excited about tonight. I missed the last one as I was sick, but feeling great today. This will be my first live stream, Can’t wait. Have a great day and looking forword for tonight.

  8. carolyn hartle says:

    Hi Megan, Tonight will be my first time at live stream. I am looking forward to this tonight. I missed your last one, but watched the turitorial the next day. I so want to be included as I love what nice things yo bring to all of us. You have great talent and thanks for sharing. Have a great day and see you tonight

  9. I can’t wait it is so exciting. Thanks for all you do.

  10. Phyllisnanatotwo says:

    I’m in Arkansas just waiting for tonight. It will be a really exciting night for the lucky winner of that Imagine!!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi Megan

    I am looking foward to tonite’s live stream, can’t wait to see all the amazing creativity from you and everyone participating. Thanks for all you do.


  12. OOH! Yeah!! can’t wait till tonight!!

  13. I will try to make it…sounds like fun…

  14. Debby Jensen says:

    Sorry I will have to miss tonight-unfortunately I have to work!!!

  15. Judy Resop says:

    Just had surgery on my foot last week…Hoping I can watch this live show tonight. Megan keep the great idea’s coming they always are soooooooooooo creative!!!!

  16. Thanks megan!! I will be there and have posted on my blog about tonight’s Live Show!!

  17. So excited about tonight! Can hardly wait!

  18. Sounds like a party to me!! I’ll be there! So fun!!

  19. Today’s My birthday! YEAAA So I’ll be there for sure tonight! :o)

  20. Solitaire says:

    Tonight is the first Passover Sedar, and I will be spending the evening with family at their house. I’m disappointed that you didn’t take this important holiday into consideration when scheduling this live event. I would really love to attend but not sure I can excuse myself to use their computer (if they even have internet access).

  21. I will be there but will arrive late. So much fun! Thank you Megan!

  22. Sewincin says:

    WOOHOO!! I hope it is me!!! Don’t know if I will be able to log on and be there but still hoping for a win:))))

  23. Hi Meagan, I will be hovering hoping to be able to gain access to view all the excitement live otherwise I will view it when I get home…..hugs all have a ball….cheers Carol from melbourne….Great to see others from out fair country love your site from afar…..! Have a wonderful time broadcasting!

  24. Dena DeShirlia says:

    I am thrilled to be watching our shows live. I look forward to all that you do. Thank you for giving me inspiration.

  25. I hope to make it, family is taking me out for my birthday for supper. If I get back in time I’ll for sure tune in to watch, sounds like a great time!!

  26. nice your blog,lots of great tips.Ty!

  27. I’ll be there with bells on!


  28. I can’t wait!!!
    What time UTAH time?

  29. Oh, this will be exciting. I’m not sure I qualify for a “win” but it will be exciting nonetheless! Lisa

  30. Everything that I have seen you do so far has been so very helpful. I’m looking forward to this evening.

  31. Love the live shows!

  32. This is going to be cool!!!

  33. So, so, so bummed! I’m not home yet so I might miss the first half hour or so!! I hope I don’t miss too much!!!

  34. I bought Gypsy A to Z & Cricut A to Z a big help. This will be my first live stream with you. You are so much fun to watch. My 13 year old daughter like you also. Biloxi Ms. Bobbi

  35. I missed it all. I was playing in a hockey game and had to pick my DD up at my sis’s house on the way home. Congrats to whoever won the Imagine! 🙂

  36. Fiona Rollo says:

    My internet was not working at 9:30p.m.(once again) so I missed everything. This was to be my first time joining in and I am disappointed. Maybe next time.

  37. I missed it all too! Would have loved to see it but I was taking a jewelry class. I hope Megan posts the winner on her blog!

  38. Shari Young says:

    I missed it all, hope you will put it on the website for those of us who missed it to view. Who won?

  39. I missed it as well. Time difference makes it just too late at night for me. Have to be up very early in the morning this morning so just couldn’t stay up last night to watch. Congrats to whomever the winner was!!

  40. Susan Gipe says:

    I’ll be watchin for sure!!

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