And the Winner Is….And Bye for a Few :)

Hey Everyone

So I’m about to sign off for a few and hand the blog over to Britten and Cindy for a few weeks 🙂  I’m SURE I’ll be checking in and I actually have One video I know I’ll be popping in with at some point just don’t know when yet 🙂

I got my Starbucks and I’m off to be creative 😉 😉   I’m such a dork and so silly!! 😉


I’ll still check comments and Sean will be checking emails and Customer Service questions and such will still be answered 🙂


I wanted to announce the Winner of the Mr Cricut Crazy Stamp Set that goes to:

Megan you have the most creative way to show thing. I just love this idea and I have a tone of strip paper now I want to do this will. Can wait to try this out.


Congrats Crystal!!!  If you would please use the contact form and send us your mailing address – we will send out your prize within 14 days of receiving your address 🙂


I can’t wait to hear all about what you guys think of Britten and Cindy’s projects!!!  They’ll also be talking a little about the new Club Ruby October Kit too which I’m SURE everyone is going to L.O.V.E. 🙂


Ok – well – BYESSS for now but I’ll be back soon!!! 😉 Thank you all for every last bit of love and support!  I am LITERALLY bursting at the SEAMS today over the EXCITING news I received today and the INCREDIBLY amazing things to come!! I wish I could just write a big long post of all my heart is GUSHING absolutely GUSHING over!!!  So full of joy and excitement! 🙂 Ok ok enough enough!

ALL of you have a WONDERFUL Weekend!  Be Blessed and Enjoy the Moments!!!





  1. Have fun and don’t worry, all will be fine in your absence! Can’t wait to see the projects.

  2. Christeen Baker says:

    Bye for now – we will miss you! I just ordered your new videos and Gypsy A-Z which I am getting for my birthday along with a Gypsy so I will have plenty to keep me occupied while you are away. I hope your break away includes some R&R.

  3. Have a safe trip. You have a great support system so they will do an awesome job for you. Have fun on your trip and I cannot wait to hear your exciting news.

  4. hmmmmm, can’t wait to see what you have in store for us! Have fun!!

  5. I am so excited, your videos are the best and you would only leave someone fully capeable to handle things for you so no need to worry. Will miss you.

  6. Have a safe trip. Know you will have alot of excitng things to tell us when you get back.

  7. Have a wonderful and safe trip. You’ll be missed, but I know you left only super capable people to be in charge of things.

  8. Have a lovely time!

  9. Katherine A says:

    Bon Voyage. Be safe and know we wish you well and are anxiously awaiting to hear your exciting news.

  10. Enjot your Starbucks! I pray this time away will be all you hope it will be. We’ll miss you but your team is great! Keep those creative juices flowing:)

  11. Bye and enjoy!!!!

  12. I’m going through withdrawels already Megan…gonna MISS you so very much!
    Can’t wait to see what “your girls” are gonna have for us!
    I know you will have something wonderful for us when you return, so have fun and “God Speed”.

  13. We will miss you Megan, but enjoy the moments….. We will behaved our self and be good with Britten en Cindy. Blessingsssss

  14. Can’t wait to hear about the new things you have in the works! Have a very productive and creative break. Blessings

  15. Enjoy your break! You’ll be missed but am looking forward to being inspired by Cindy and Britten.

  16. Wait, dear friend!!! Where are you off to FOR A FEW WEEKS????? Hope it’s an exciting project??? Will miss you!!

    Love ya, girl!

  17. Have a great rest and relaxation. We will miss you!!!!

  18. Where is Megan going?

  19. Have fun. Looking forward to see what Britten & Cindy have for us. F.U.N

  20. Please enjoy your holidays while you are away – we will miss you, but Britten and Cindy will manage quite well….we can’t wait to hear back for you about your trip.

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