Hallmark Scrapbook Now Carrying Cricut A to Z

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that Hallmark Scrapbooking is another retailer of the Cricut A to Z dvd and she has a great combo pack going on at her site for the DVD….

Go ahead and check out the store and I hope you enjoy!!! 🙂

Hallmark Scrapbook Store

Have a great day!!!

Also, Monday is going to have some very special announcements about Design Team and all of you who submitted awesome projects to Above Rubies Studio! 🙂  Make sure you come back and keep checking in! 🙂

Thanks so much!



  1. Yay!!!

    (I’d post more, but the bell just rang and my class will be coming in any second from now :-D)

  2. Megan, congratulations on another outlet for your DVD! it’s a wonderful product, and I feel that it has helped me a lot. Since I just received my Expression for Christmas, it has really been fun learning and creating on it; a lot less frustrating once I had your DVD! Great work. BethAnn

  3. Jeanette says:

    Well done Megan. Woot woot!
    Keep up the brilliant work!!
    Looking forward to Monday :()

  4. Jeanette says:

    Oops should have been…..:)

  5. YAY!!!!!!!!!!! How exciting is THAT!

  6. Congrats soon your dvd will be worldwide, wherever cricuts are sold. You derserve it!

  7. chris wooten says:

    congrats megan on your ever growing business. i do not have the dvd and with my health issues, i can not buy it right now. i am so glad things going full speed ahead for your business


  8. That’s awesome, Megan!!! I love your DVD, and I love Hallmark Scrapbook, so what a fantastic team you’ll make together!!

  9. Glad to hear you like Hallmark- I have been very impressed with the blog and want to order from the store now. I will probably include the video in m next order!

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