Can You Feel the Love? It’s Love Month Time to Spread The Love!

I am so very excited about Valentine’s Day with my kids this year – it’s LOVE Month and we are learning all about “loving things” we can do for others and to show love to each other as family. (The book Five Love Languages are really helpful in learning this about others!!!)

So one thing I decided I can do is host another DVD sale! I placed ALL DVDs in store on sale for $7.99 through February 14th and ALL CutMates Premium Cardstock is on Sale for $6.50 until Valentine’s Day as well!  I’m super duper excited to host this sale for the year and hope you enjoy it and spread the love!

Spread the Love AboveRubiesStudio

Share this on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter and if you get spotted “Spreading the Love” we will call you out and share some extra love on you with prizes and Valentines just by Me!!!  Just one way I thought I could tell others who love AboveRubiesStudio that I love you too!!!

Go check out the sale items now at or click the links below!



Enjoy the Moments and Thank you so much for being here!!!

I love and appreciate each of you!!!!


  1. Karen R. from SC says:

    WOW!!!! $7.99 for the DVDs!!! Couldn’t pass that up! Ordered the Gypsy A-Z (since I’m a new Gypsy owner/user) and the Cricut A-Z, 2nd edition (since I’m still learning my Cricut Epression 2). I am so grateful, Megan! I recently had to quit working due to health reasons & this makes the DVDs affordable for even me! (I have been drooling over them for a while now but just couldn’t spend the money on them). Thank you so much for “Spreading the Love!” Had to send some love back to you! 😀

  2. Nancy Heger says:

    Are your DVDS compatible with Mac computers? Thanks

  3. I would love to buy some cut mates paper at that deal unfortunately I can’t justify spending more than product (2 packs) on shipping. Flat rate box is less than that… God bless!

  4. Robin from Minnesota says:

    I love that book! It truly helps you understand people in general… great book!

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