Above Rubies Studio: The Bad News (Part 1)

Hello Everyone!

So I have a series of Good News and Bad News Coming out over the Next Few days (4 to be exact!)…. I Decided to Go ahead and start getting it over with – we will start with …. The BAD NEWS πŸ™

We had a sudden unexpected boom in DVD and Product Sales – and we have sold out of Paper Layerz and Several DVDs in the AboveRubiesStudio.com – Several other retailers may have these products in stock, but for the next week or more – AboveRubiesStudio.com is OUT OF STOCK of many products we know you want to get your hands on!

I also had a Mystery box sale on Facebook and they went so super fast! If for some reason there are people who don’t pay the invoices I sent out, I’ll let you know and maybe there is a chance to still get one – but as of right now (BAD NEWS) they’re gone!Β  Those who did get their hands on the Mystery Boxes, PLEASE don’t forget to send me photos of your projects to the email address we communicated about the boxes through so I can enter you for the grand prize drawing.Β  Contest Period ends March 15th 2012 at midnight.

KITS at Craft-e-Corner.com are also selling out – soooo if you didn’t get your hands on a Mystery Box, get your hands on a box of goodies that I am creating with RIGHT now and know the goodies you’re getting before it becomes even WORSE news!

We are so very sorry for that, BUT….

WE HAVE TO SAY A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to each of you for helping us TO Sell out so fabulously!Β  So there is even still good in this “bad news” post – a THANK YOU and a HUG from me!

Here is a Pic of the Current February LOVE Kit – Lots of Projects being created with it now and MORE videos to come on AboveRubiesStudio.com with this kit as well πŸ™‚

Last Tuesday Tutorial Featured One Scrapbook Layout using the kitΒ  – Just incase you missed it…

YouTube Preview Image




  1. Samantha Kiessling says:

    How do the mystery box work cause I was one of the 3rd people to reply on your post on facebook but i did not even get a invoice πŸ™ would have love to have bought one and i would have paid immediatly!

  2. Megan,
    How do we order the mystery boxes that were not paid for? When did the boxes go on sale?
    thanks for everything you do,

  3. I’m with Kim, I follow on facebook and didn’t see that. I would love a mystery box, lol. That’s good news for you…..ppl want your stuff! YAY!

  4. Congratulations on your success. You are attracting more attention for the great things that you do. I know that whenever anyone asks me questions about paper crafting, I answer and then point them to your website for more ideas and information.

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  6. I agree with Kim and Jane, did not see anything about the mystery box. Would have like the opportunity for one!

  7. What great “BAD” news πŸ™‚

    Love your products ~ not surprised that they sold out!!!

  8. Megan, this is so NOT bad news!!! =D You’re doing great with all this – I bet last year you never imagined you’d be where you are now! So enjoy it sistah!

    Laura in ‘bama

  9. Sandy Bayles says:

    If you have a surprise box left or find one please let me know.

  10. Michelle N. says:

    What a stinker you are. Happy for you and your “BAD” news. So how do you get the mystery box and how much are they? You are too funny!

  11. Nancy Kitson says:

    Megan Elizabeth, they talked about Paper Layers on HSN! You know us craft people, when we want something we will investigate to find the source and then order, order, order! Way to go girlfriend!
    PS: Bumming about the mystery boxes. UGGGH!

  12. Kimberly DeRaadt says:

    Hello. I just have a question. I ordered DVD’s last week, will I have to wait for more to come in or are they on their way? Just so anxious to get my new Gypsy figured out! Please let me know. Thank you and God bless!

  13. Happy for your BAD news. I didn’t see it on Facebook either, Oh Well!

  14. Florence Oberkramer says:

    I am also wanting to know how to get a mystery box – guess I need to go to facebook more often.
    I’m glad I got my payer layers before they sold out. I totally love them.
    Hugs, Flo

  15. Paula Banos says:

    I didnt see the mystery box eighter,i would love one too!:)

  16. Not surprised at all! I agree with Nancy – a little national attention reaps big rewards! Way to go!! I always tell everyone about all of your products because they are the best!! πŸ™‚

  17. Congratulations on retail success! You spread your wings, and now you’re SOARING!

  18. Janette Schulte says:

    I have been trying for months now to get my subscription to Above Rubies Studio stopped for financial reasons. Please stop billing my credit card and send me an email that you are dropping my subscription. Thank you very much.

    Janette Schulte

  19. Betty Jo Nelson says:

    Love this video. It is full of different helps that will come in handy with my pages.

  20. Rose LaQuay says:

    Never got the bad news email or good news part 1, went back through prior posts when I finally got the good news part 2 email. Maybe there was a glitch somewhere…

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