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“Who can find a virtuous woman? For her worth is far above rubies.” Proverbs 31:10

Hello, my name is Megan Elizabeth and I want to thank you for being here with me today!!!

It truly is an honor to spend time with you over the inter-webs and share encouragement, inspiration and life with you! The above verse is my hearts desire since I was a little girl…I truly want to seek to be a Proverbs 31 woman, and it is the daily struggle of my life. Things certainly have not been perfect, but, I will tell you, God is so good to me and has blessed me with so many amazing things! The greatest desire I have is that I can encourage you in just some small ways, all while having a blast enjoying our crafting and day to day life together!!!

Above being a lifestyle blogger, I am first and foremost Mommy to three amazing blessings…Bensen, Jenavieve and Gradyn. (I’m sure you hear a lot about them they are the best!)  I’m a homeschool Mom, a coffee addict, and On Air Presentation Host, lipgloss lover and crazy obsessed with fun singing!


AboveRubiesStudio.com was started as a simple hobby site to help me with my postpartum depression after having Jenavieve in 2008. However, not gonna lie, the entrepreneurial spirit in me along with the knowledge and skills had in marketing and online development, quickly grew ARS from a simple outlet for me, into a full blown business with hundreds of thousands views, subscribers, friends and more!  The Cricut Educational DVDS and Cricut Cutting Guide (Grab for FREE Here) has been a joyous journey for me since the beginning!  I have grown much since the start of Above Rubies Studio and I’m blessed and thankful to now be able to share my first love of hair, makeup and beauty and bring that to you as of 2016 – making AboveRubiesStudio.com a place for every women to feel beautiful inside and out in all areas of our busy lifestyles.

I have taken my love for educating others, encouraging and inspiring their spirits over to my new site LifeAboveRubies.com where I share my experience, skills, secrets to my success and more to help others who want to grow their own blogs, businesses or just reach life goals in a fun and easy way! We like to show you how to have Business. Life. Balance. The Way You Want It! #BizLifeBalance

Personal Loves & Life

Besides scrapbooking, I love teaching and playing with my kids, experiencing life WITH them is truly my greatest gift and honor!! I feel so blessed. I also love shopping, singing at the top of my lungs (especially along with Donny Osmond 🙂 ), and a wonderful Starbucks Latte while walking around Target or literally any craft store. 🙂  I am a cold weather girl to be honest, but I love a nice relaxing week by the water without a doubt!  My hearts dream is to still make it happen and get a Hot Tub for my home! 😉

Makeup & Beauty!

Before any of this online world, my heart and soul was in cosmetology!  I went to beauty school immediately out of high school and was the youngest award winning Salon Manager and Stylist for Regis Corp at the ripe age of 19!  I was in the Salon and Cosmetology field specializing in Wedding and Formal hair and makeup as well as color specialist.  I had a passion for educating my clients and deep desire for each to feel good inside and out!  As mentioned – AboveRubiesStudio was always “meant to be” my hair salon....God had other plans and took them further than I could have ever dreamed!  

Now I have the privilege to have aligned myself with a company that shares my values, desires, goals and customer service mission and I am a Yellow Status Younique Presenter! You can see more about that at http://AboveRubiesBeauty.com

Essential Oils!

I am an Essential Oils freak since I first started using pure therapy grade essential oils = the benefits ASTONISH me on almost a daily basis – and of course I instantly set up a Loyalty Rewards Program with MyDoterra.com I love sharing the benefits of oils with others and seeing the changes in life they receive from this amazing gift!!  #soblessed

Stampin Up

I am currently an Independent Stampin’ Up! Demonstrator to share incredible craft supplies and make fun giveaways available for SheMakes.club

More on that at http://AboveRubiesCrafts.com

A Little Past History About Above Rubies Studio

My love for scrapbooking led me to the Cricut and then on to the wonderful online world of tutorials. I thrive on how to add value to this online community with my experience in Scrapbooking, Cardmaking and crafting. Since purchasing my Cricut in 2008, I have become obsessed with helping others learn the value of all that their Cricut can offer them. The Cricut offers so many options many users don’t know about, and I’m just the girl to show you how to get the most from your Cricut Machine.

I really have been best known for my Cricut A to Z Educational Cricut DVD, that will show you start to finish how to use your Cricut, along with hundreds of completed projects. This dvd has helped tens of thousands of people and I am giddy with excitement so many have embraced this! (Make sure you check that out too!)

Also, The Cricut Cutting Guide which has become a must have to any Cricut user out there. I have spent several months compiling over 550 different cuts to make on various materials and paper brands that you can cut with your Cricut. Not only are these listed, the Guide will tell you exactly what settings to use for the size cut you want and material you are using.

I have had the amazing honor in being asked to make guest appearances at several scrapbook stores and television appearances, as well as instruct Cricut Classes all over PA, WI, FL and MN.  I love doing these things, I am also have been involved with many different design teams and always love to work with other scrapbookers and designers! We all learn from each other and that is the best! 🙂

Why are you called Above Rubies Studio?

Many have asked where the name Above Rubies Studio came from…Well it was born out of a childhood dream of owning my own salon and the Bible Verse found in Proverbs 31:10 – “For her worth is far above rubies”.  My goal was to always share and promote that a woman’s worth is much more than any precious gem on this earth when she is filled with the virtue and honor that Proverbs 31 talks about.  It’s about the woman on the inside that matters and in God’s eyes where all our worth is.  This passage of scripture is the perfect “model” woman of who I would love to become, and is an example for us all to be Above Rubies.

This chapter of the Bible is also the core heart and inspiration for LifeAboveRubies.com as well.  Striving to show you how to achieve that life of virtue, dignity, strength, trust, value, household and business skills!  It’s all who that woman is and all we seek to build into life’s value!

I hope you enjoy this site and that it can bring a smile to your day!

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